The thing about love…

The thing about love…

love I feel a little like Carrie from Sex and the City!

Well hello world…

My best friend is currently in a long distance relationship, like really long, I’m talking Minnesota long. Or is it Michigan? I always forget, nevertheless they aren’t walking distance from each other lol. Well anyway, when she first brought the idea to me, the idea of managing a relationship strictly via phone calls and Skype, I thought she was mad. A crazy person. Absolutely out of her mind. In my mind, they’re relationship would be artificial, I didn’t think they would have a successful couple of days let alone anything more than that. But as quickly as they came are as quickly as they left, as I watched those days turn to weeks, and those weeks to months, into what now is almost a year. Way to prove me wrong. A love as genuine and veritable as theirs, you only see in movies. Even I, a witness to the madness can’t believe its actuality. And when they finally had the opportunity to see each other for the second time, over this winter vacation, it was as if nothing else mattered. To have gotten the chance to not only spend two weeks together, but open the new year physically hand in hand, is a blessing individually designed. It’s almost as if, all those days, weeks and months apart meant nothing, because together, if only for a small time, the worst was over.

See, I guess the thing about love is its stronger than we use it for. Love and life, they’re a balance necessary for the survival of the heart, and the sooner we realize it, the sooner maybe each of us can have just a bit of what my best friend has. In order to achieve and maintain happiness, not the rapper lifestyle happy, but genuine happiness, you have to live, love, let go, and let God. Not everything and everyone that comes into your life will be worth keeping. Sometimes people come in your life to teach you to let go, and sometimes the people and things that are meant to be there come in unexpected ways. The key is to keep your heart open. The fairytale happily ever after isn’t necessarily impossible, one just has to be willing to create it.

We only have this one life, we might as well love and live it. Find someone that makes you ridiculously happy, take silly pictures, go on adventures and love with every bit of your heart. If you don’t, what’s the point?

LoveLy …


7 thoughts on “The thing about love…

  1. This is absolutely beautiful. There is truth in every word. What your friend has is absolutely beautiful. Kudos to her and her relationship. Great writ ki <3.I'm so proud of you

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