Day Two: Confessions

Day Two: Confessions

100 Days of Dating


Often times, as a woman, I find myself confused and always wondering what men could possibly be thinking. When men do or say certain things, I’m left with my head tilted to the side, squinted eyes and a question mark over my head, with only one response – “What?”

However, I was given insight into the mind of one man on day two of this project.

Khalil Waldron, 22, is no stranger to love or heartbreak, but instead acts as a long-distant friend to both. While men and women speak the same language, like slang, we tend to formulate so many different ways of saying the same thing. However, because of that I believe our meanings get lost in translation. After trying to say the same thing so many times, at some point you’d want to just stop. Like Khalil, I’ve too been at this place before. But there’s…

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