About The Author


Kiana Amber St Louis.

She was born in Queens, but raised  and currently living in the beautiful borough of Brooklyn, NY.

Kiana is a proud alumni of the State University of New York at Oswego, still in pursuit her dreams of  becoming a magazine publicist. As of May 2015, she received her Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations with a focus in Journalism. When she isn’t consuming her time in dream chasing, Kiana finds serene pleasure in singing, dancing, stepping, choreographing and a little bit of acting. She is a part of the youth choir at her church, the Seventh Day Adventist Kingsboro Temple. Along with one of her close friends, she also started a singing group at her university called Kinetic Voices, where she has plans to expose their talent all over central New York. She is a part of the Public Relations Student Society of America, as well contributes writing for the school newspaper, The Oswegonian. Kiana is formally editor of the online magazine designed for the minority at SUNY Oswego called The Voice, which all are welcome to read, and contribute writing samples.

Kiana is driven in more ways than one, settling for nothing but the best. Writing, her passion, isn’t something done to simply pass time on a dreary day, but instead an outlet.Writing is the ability to open the eyes, ears and hearts of those who are willing listen. Kiana writes to different audiences and with no specific topic to catch the attention and cater to people who, when necessary, can be moved by her words. Writing is release, a gift of the trade, an ability that all have but the proper usage that only a few posses.

If you have the time, allow her the chance to show you.


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